Powerlynx now accepts payments via Netcash

June 19, 2024

Thanks to Netcash integration with Powerlynx, South African WISPs and merchants of all sizes can streamline payments with their clients via a local online payment processing service. This new capability offers a simple and reliable way to accept payments seamlessly on our platform. Customers can conveniently purchase Internet plans or vouchers directly on the splash page with just a few clicks.

Netcash is a South African payment provider that offers debit orders, credit card processing, and EFTs. It serves businesses and individuals across South Africa and processes over 50 million transactions annually. This new addition joins a diverse list of payment systems already integrated with Powerlynx, including PayPal, Stripe, and others. It enables South African providers to offer multiple payment options to Wi-Fi hotspot users.

What’s more important is that it supports major voucher system players, including 1Voucher. Given South Africa’s fragmented payment landscape and the prevalent use of cash, the role of 1Voucher tokens and similar services is essential. As a result, many consumers opt for prepaid vouchers for daily transactions, appreciating their simplicity and security. These vouchers are commonly used to pay for various services, including hotspot payments. So here’s how 1Voucher work with Netcash:

1Voucher + Netcash

Buying a voucher with Netcash

Customers can quickly grab a voucher right on a splash page using Netcash. Select the Netcash option from the payment method dropdown list. Then, quickly navigate to the Netcash site to complete the transaction using your preferred method, such as credit card, bank EFT, 1Voucher, etc. So here’s what it will look like:

Pay screen of buying a voucher with Netcash

How to Set Up

If you’re interested in more details or need a guide on getting started with Netcash in Powerlynx, check out our official documentation. You might find helpful insights on smoothly integrating other payment methods here.

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