Set up a hotspot

How to set up hotspot with custom splash page and voucher access

April 29, 2024

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, reliable guest Wi-Fi is not just a convenience — it’s essential. In fact, it enhances customer service and secures network access. Our guide will show you how to set up engaging splash pages, digital payments, and vouchers using Powerlynx, a leading cloud-based hotspot management system.

This approach allows businesses to customize internet access, manage usage efficiently, and leverage marketing opportunities via splash pages. Besides, it also increases guest satisfaction and meets the digital needs of tourists and local patrons.

Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot: choosing the right hardware

When you select hardware, consider the following:

  • Coverage Needs: Consider mesh-capable systems or multiple Access Points (APs) for larger areas.
  • User Load: Estimate the maximum number of concurrent users and select hardware that can support this load efficiently.
  • Budget Considerations: Focus on essential features for your setup.

Additionally, MikroTik routers excel in hotspot setups because of their versatility. Here are some suitable options:

  • MikroTik hAP ac²: Ideal for small to medium setups, offering dual-band wireless and several Ethernet ports.
  • MikroTik cAP ac: Its ceiling mount design is best for indoor use and provides seamless coverage across hotel floors.
  • MikroTik Audience: A mesh-capable router that covers large areas like hotel lobbies and outdoor restaurant spaces.
  • MikroTik RB4011: More powerful, suitable for larger networks with many connected devices, typical in hotels.

Integrating your hardware with a management system that supports voucher creation, usage tracking, and other controls is crucial. With our step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to set up the MikroTik hotspot.

Powerlynx simplifies hotspot management

Developed by Splynx, Powerlynx streamlines the setup and control of guest Wi-Fi. It’s cloud-based and compatible with all RADIUS protocol devices. Moreover, this platform doesn’t need expensive servers or deep technical knowledge. So, let’s take a closer look at the main features and benefits.

Splash Page. Сreation of customized login pages, easily crafting its branding for each location.

Set up a hotspot with a splash page and vouchers in Powerlynx

Set up a hotspot with a splash page and vouchers in Powerlynx. Then, the branded login page redirects customers to a simple connection process and easy access.

Passwordless Sign-In. Users provide a contact number or email to connect. And then, customers can easily connect in just a few steps.

Step 1

First, sign in via the splash page.

Step 2

Second, verify identity with an OTP sent via SMS, which requires at least one configured SMS gateway.

Step 3

Third, select the desired data plan.

Step 4

Finally, make a payment or redeem a voucher to start browsing.

Voucher hotspot

Create custom vouchers to control internet access. Then, you can set conditions like speed limits (up to 10 Mbps), data caps (1 GB), duration (1-hour online time or validity of 7 days), and device limits. Equally important, vouchers are single-use, preventing unauthorized sharing and usage.


Affordable rates linked to network capacity (not access points), starting at $25/month for up to 110 users.

Managing multiple hotspots

Additionally, you can manage multiple hotspot locations simultaneously from one interface. Moreover, each location can have unique settings, like distinct branding on splash pages, specific tariff plans, and customized vouchers. Besides, tracking customers from various locations is streamlined. And there are numerous filters to sort virtually any data type by location, such as customer details, session logs, payments, etc.

Multiple locations management in Powerlynx

An example of the list includes four locations: two offices, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Advertising, Monitoring and Deactivation

Powerlynx offers a user-friendly AD module. This feature boosts hotspot monetization by showing video and image ads to users after they connect to the Wi-Fi. So you can set up and launch the first ad campaign in less than a minute. Read more in our manual.How to Show Ads for Wi-Fi Hotspot Users. Powerlynx

Last but not least, you can continuously monitor all active vouchers, disconnect users if limits are exceeded, and adjust settings based on real-time data.


Summing up: follow these steps for effective Wi-Fi access management. So, it not only ensures a high-quality guest experience and controls your network resources but also prevents unauthorized local access and provides seamless service for paying customers.

Experience all features with a no-risk, 21-day free trial. Join us as we continually enhance Powerlynx with new features and capabilities.