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Pricing breakdown
Powerlynx offers a subscription-based service where pricing is determined by the number of active online users, not routers or access points. The entry-level plan covers up to 100 simultaneous online users, scaling the license in 100-user intervals to suit different network sizes.
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License limit Max count of online customers Price (per month)
100 110 $25
200 210 $50
300 310 $75
500 510 $125
1000 1010 $250
1500 1510 $375
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Frequently asked questions

1. Is there a free trial available?
Yes, we offer a 21-day trial so you can evaluate the Powerlynx software and determine if it suits your needs.
2. Is it possible to install on-premises?
Powerlynx is fully cloud-based software. We do not offer the option to install it on your own server separately.
3. How much does the service cost?
We do not count Access Points, you pay $25 for every 100 online customers. For example, if you plan to host 800 online customers, your cost will be $200. Your system can accommodate up to 810 online customers. Any additional customers beyond that limit will not be able to connect.
4. Is there technical support available?
We recommend checking our detailed guides and knowledge base for assistance with setup and troubleshooting. If you still need assistance, contact our support team at support@powerlynx.app.
5. What network devices do you support?
By default, we support MikroTik and Cambium network devices that can connect to Powerlynx using the RADIUS protocol. If you wish to connect other network devices through the RADIUS protocol, it is possible, but it may require some configuration adjustments.
6. What payment gateways do you support?
We are continually adding new integrations with payment gateways worldwide. Currently, we support PayPal, Stripe, Payfast(South Africa), and Safaricom MPESA (Kenya).
7. Which countries can I install this service in?
You can install it anywhere worldwide, as long as there's a broadband internet connection available. Our system operates in all countries where Wi-Fi frequency is permitted.
8. Do you support multiple locations/venues?
Yes, indeed! Our system is tailored to manage an unlimited number of locations under one operator account. Expanding your network is a straightforward process – just head to 'Locations' and click 'Add New Location'.
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