Ensuring Connectivity for All

About Powerlynx

Our story and vision

At Powerlynx, we recognize that connectivity is the cornerstone of thriving communities and entrepreneurial success. We understand that traditional connectivity methods don’t always meet the diverse needs of various communities — some urban areas lack the bandwidth for increasing data demands, while remote regions find technology prohibitively expensive.

Dedicated to addressing these challenges and partly inspired by the need for a replacement for Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi solution, which was phased out. Recognizing the vacuum left in hotspot management, our team collaborated with industry leaders like Project Isizwe to get their experience and needs to ensure the new platform meets the critical requirements for successful hotspot provisioning and operations.

With easy-to-use software and a cost-effective pricing model, our goal is to help lower the cost of connectivity, bridging the digital divide and driving entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our background

Powerlynx is crafted by the Splynx team, a leader in ISP billing and network management with over 8 years of market presence. Trusted by 900+ internet providers globally, we have a deep understanding of the industry’s requirements. Through direct collaboration with service providers and leaders in the hotspot industry, we have gained valuable insights into effectively managing Wi-Fi hotspots

Powerlynx, our latest innovation, encapsulates this knowledge, delivering a tool that’s not only easy to deploy and use but also reliable and scalable for any operation size.

Our mission is to provide seamless, reliable connectivity solutions that are affordable for any user, in any location.